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Hong Kong Snowboard Day報名表

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Level 1

First Time

Never snowboarded before, or requires hand assistance to stop safely.

Never Skied Before. Or is not yet able to stop with confidence on a gentle slope.

Level 2


Able to stop safely, mobile on toe-side and heel side edges. (Pendulum/falling leaf skills). Using magic carpets and may progress to chairlift.

Learning to turn in control on gentle slopes. Usually rides magic carpet lifts. May progress to chairlifts and other easy green runs.

Level 3

Comfortable Novice

Can complete heel side and toe side turns on gentle green terrain. Learning to link turns. Using magic carpets and chairs in the learning area

Can link strong snowplow turns or wide stance parallel on green runs. Occasionally skis a blue run, but cautiously. Has experience riding chairlifts (while skiing).

Level 4


Can link turns and control speed on green runs outside of the learning area. Learning to turn with confidence on all green runs and easier blue runs. Can use all chairlifts.

Able to ski parallel turns with pole plant. Can ski most blue runs, more advanced blues remain a challenge. Would like to explore more varied terrain.

Level 5


Can link turns on blue runs. Learning short turns, carving, off-piste terrain and powder. Can do basic freestyle and is interested in learning to ride Terrain Park.*

Able to ski strong parallel turns with a pole plant on all blue runs and easy black runs. Learning, short turns, off piste, moguls, powder and more difficult terrain.*

Level 6


Can snowboard in control on black runs and comfortable riding in the terrain park. Learning steeps, trees, drops, off piste, and improving freestyle skills in Terrain Park.*

Enjoy the challenge of skiing in control in all conditions and terrain and want to refine these skills.*

*滑雪程度 Skills Level

*報名參加Hong Kong Snowboard Day活動及比賽
只參加香港Cosplay滑及Snowboard人鏈初級Boarder-cross速度賽高級Boarder-cross速度賽初級BOX JAMSlopeStyle

報名參加Hong Kong Snowboard Day訓練營
初級Snowboard訓練營中級Snowboard訓練營Freestyle Snowboard 訓練營

Snowboard 的板向(租用Ski不用填寫)

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